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Always with the traffic this time of year! Ugh...

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New Year's Eve Traffic

I should have drove. 

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Holiday Traffic Adventures - The Shopping Addition

I wonder which way would have been faster? HHHHhhhmmm.....

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Thanksgiving Day Traffic

Some things are worth waiting for. Happy Thanksgiving! 

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Only When I am in a Hurry

Happens every time and only when I am running late!

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The Evolution of Driver

Man has evolved to do many amazing things including SMASH!!

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Rock Star

No amount of traffic is going to hold back this rock star! It's time for the solo!

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Eating Out

Crazy traffic ruining my date night! Sushi sounded really good too.

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The 5 Minute Difference

There needs to be a coffee airdrop delivery service or something! 

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Memorial Day Traffic

Ah Memorial Day... every year I say I'm going to stay home. Every year I end up stuck in traffic. One big happy traffic family?

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