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The Rules - When My Car Was New

My new car, my rules. Deal with it! #paranoid

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Buying a Car - Men vs. Women vs. Teens

How do you buy a car? Comment below.

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The 8 Hour Traffic Light

We all have them; that one traffic light that takes MILLIONS of years before it's your turn. 

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Saving that Parking Spot - Part 1

The parking lot is full... Not a parking spot in sight... But then your friend "lays his life" on the line and finds you parking. Yay!

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Gasoline Blends

Summer blend versus winter blend? What's the difference? 

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The Car-Spiracy Theory - The Warranty

Figures! Literally ONE DAY after the car warranty expires the auto EXPLODES. It's definitely got to be a conspiracy!

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The Stuck in Traffic Lean

Stuck in horrible gridlocked traffic? Get comfortable. It's going to be a while...

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