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Memorial Day Traffic

Ah Memorial Day... every year I say I'm going to stay home. Every year I end up stuck in traffic. One big happy traffic family?

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What a Rear View Mirror is Actually For

Perfect, pouty lips, check. Seductively, sleek hair, check. Everyone else who can't drive, NOT my problem. 

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Driving Without the Influence

Who knew that driving under the influence of coffee was so important. Need CAFFEINE!!! NEED CAFFEINE NOW!!!!

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The Tire-Spiracy Theory

Dah! I can't afford to have a nail in my tire right now! Hope there are some good tire sales somewhere. Wait... #$%%$#!!!

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Borrowing the Car

On the bright side... at least the car came back in one piece??? Never again Randall. Never again.

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After School Pick Up

Lies! All lies! I hate after school traffic.

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The School Drop Off

Hurry up and wait!

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The Car Wash

When your car gets cleaned out more than you want it to... <sigh>

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Car Keys

You can never be too secure.

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The Rattle

Ah... the things we tolerate for love. 

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