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Parking Karma

I love it when my good karma pays off! Especially when trying to find parking. #FeelingLucky

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The 3 Year Difference

Time heals all wounds?

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Safety First

Safety first?!?!! GGGGRRRR...

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4th of July Traffic

I love 4th of July fireworks. How lucky am I?! Thank you for being such a wonderful husband!

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Eating Out

Crazy traffic ruining my date night! Sushi sounded really good too.

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Political Debates - Gridlock

Politics, politics, politics. I just don't want a 3 hour commute home!

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The 5 Minute Difference

There needs to be a coffee airdrop delivery service or something! 

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How to Properly Have a Road Rage Fight

My husband is such a trooper! Love him to death... which maybe sooner then I think.

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