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Zombie Apocalypse

Better safe than sorry?

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Traffic Selfies

Photobombed! Oh well, I think I still looked fabulous!

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I was never any good at Tetris as a kid. Thank goodness my husband was. 

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The Balloon Delivery

I couldn't help myself! I had to get all the balloons! Every last one! Now I can just fly away...

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Owning that Bad Parking Job

Yup... I think I nailed it. Wonder how many people are going to leave a card or a note.

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Distracted Driving Pal

Shaving and driving is a snap with my brother-in-law to help. #TooEasy

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The Evolution of Driver

Man has evolved to do many amazing things including SMASH!!

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Rock Star

No amount of traffic is going to hold back this rock star! It's time for the solo!

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Traffic Ticket Excuses

NNNOOOOOO!!!! Why now? Doesn't the officer have anything better to do than give me a traffic ticket?

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What Car Models Should Really Look Like

I'd buy that car and the kitty too!

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