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Frequently Asked Questions

web comics about gridlock traffic

  • Q. How often do you post your webcomics?
  • A. Once or twice a week. Come back and check our website for new webcomics.

  • Q. Where do you post your web comics?
  • A. Currently we post all of our comics online. Specifically here on our website and on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and various other social media properties.

  • Q. Who creates The Gridock Gang web comics?
  • A. The cartoonist who draws the webcomics is an amazing gentleman by the name of Travis Hanson from http://www.beanleafpress.com. The principle writer uses the pen name kjo but her real name is Kathleen Jo. You can learn more about her here: http://www.kathleenjo.com.

  • Q. Who are the main characters in your web comic?
  • A. There is Jean, who you see to the right, and Bear her husband.

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